Social Dreaming at ISPSO NY 2019

Social Dreaming has been developing as a practice and research method since its rediscovery in 1982. Social Dreaming offers an opportunity to share our dreams, associations, images and feelings in a contained space called a Social Dreaming ‘matrix’ with an objective of creating new thoughts and meaning. In the matrix, we focus on the dream and not the dreamer—on the shared experience of dreams and not the meanings of dreams to an individual. There is no individual analysis or interpretation of personal dreams. The shared associative unconscious of the matrix intends to reveal the ‘unthought known’ (Bollas). What is ‘known’ to us in dreams yet unexpressed is given an opportunity to emerge and be associated to in the matrix, and then reflected upon in a post-matrix discussion. The morning will consist of a 45-minute matrix followed by a 15-minute reflection. The results of each morning session will be aired at the end of each day as part of the end-of-day reflection.
The ’hosts’ for the Social Dreaming events will be selected from experienced practitioners, such as Julian Manley,  Nicola Wreford-Howard, Richard Morgan-Jones, Aaron Nurick and Brigid Nossal.