Interactive Panels

This year’s Symposium features interactive plenary panels in place of keynote speakers. Our theme, “Perspectives on Polarities”, requires us to consider multiple perspectives. These panels are designed to be highly interactive amongst the panelists and between the panel and us the audience, be provocative, and offer engagement, deep thought and an extensive exploration across different domains. The first session of each Symposium morning will begin with a panel, as follows:
  1. Friday: Leading Organizations in Polarized Times
  2. Saturday: Structural Racism
  3. Sunday: Intractable International Conflicts 

Leading Organizations in Polarized Times

Jewelnel Davis, University Chaplain and Associate Provost, Columbia University
Matt McCambridge, Co-Founder and CEO, Eden Health
Jon Stokes, Director, Stokes & Jolly, and Associate Fellow, Oxford University Said Business School
Debbie Bing, President and Principal, CFAR

Structural Racism

Candice Crawford-Zakian, Leadership Coach and Adjunct Lecturer, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Millie Banerjee, Chair of National Health Services Blood and Transplant (UK)
Leslie Brissett, Director of the Group Relations Programme, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
Stanley Gold, Member of the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal (Australia)
Barbara Williams, Director of Bureau Kensington and Coordinator of Insight for Community Impact

Intractable International Conflicts

Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, Director of International Relations, Shorashim/Judur/Roots
Shadi Abu Awwad, Founder, Youth Program of Shorashim/Judur/Roots
Hugh O’Doherty, Adjunct Faculty, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government
Nyoun Suzy Sebit, Founder and Executive Director, National Alliance for Women Lawyers (South Sudan) and Cora Weiss Peacebuilding Fellow, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders
Gerard Fromm, Ph.D., President, International Dialogue Initiative and Distinguished Faculty, Erikson Institute, Austen Riggs Center